Paco Perera


Paco Perera is a Canarian bassist, double bassist, and composer with extensive experience in various genres such as jazz, Canarian folklore, Latin music, flamenco, etc.

Trained at the ESMuC in Barcelona, he develops his career between this city, Madrid and the Canary Islands, working with figures such as Lucrecia, Moncho, Las Migas, Caramelo, Jorge Rossy, Antonio Serrano, Lole Montoya or Allan Harris.

He builds his music from identity and tradition towards innovation with a marked mixed influence and establishes a dialogue between the old and the new, the local and the universal, the acoustic and the electronic.

He uses the popular folkloric tradition of the Canary Islands as a guiding thread, incorporating many of its characteristic elements such as instrumentation, folkloric genres, and text from traditional Canarian lyrics to be fused with other contemporary elements such as jazz and electronic music.

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